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a) Supporting and encouraging Christian vegetarians and Christians moving towards vegetarianism.

b) Sharing the biblical and theological basis of vegetarianism within the Christian churches. Raising awareness of the contribution that a plant-based diet can make to the alleviation of world hunger, the avoidance of animal suffering, human health and the sustainability of natural resources.

c) Promoting a way of life that represents good Christian stewardship and is consistent with belief in the God who created, affirmed, and will redeem all creatures.

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CVAUK Mission

To proclaim Christ's eternal

compassion for all creation by...

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God's Earth. At creation, God gave humans plants and fruit for food (Gen.1.29). It was not originally intended that humans would eat animals. Please download our PDF.

The CVAUK was launched September 2004. The Veg4Lent team realised that the time has come to expand the aims and endeavours of  Christian-vegetarian advocacy beyond the limits of the Lenten period.

To become a member, please complete Membership form and send to: (Subject: CVAUK Membership). Or by post to: CVAUK, The Vicarage, Godshill, PO38 3HY



What a witness it would be to the birth of the Prince of Peace if all Christians were to desist from colluding in the slaughter of millions of fellow sentient creatures. It does not seem likely, alas, for even such a small, yet significant, gesture on behalf of animals - as Christians are still largely unaware of many of their own traditions and teachings.

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Meet Our Team

Brenda Ryder

Administrator & Resource Manager.

  • Peace and Justice.
  • Feed the Hungry.
  • Address Air Pollution.

Hope in Action

Don Gwillim

CVAUK Co-founder

John Ryder


  • Defend the Helpless.
  • Promote Compassion.
  • Clean Water.