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Meals throughout the day:

Breakfast: If you like a fried breakfast, use vegetarian sausages or substitute a hash brown for bacon. If you include egg and baked beans that will give you plenty of protein.
Packed lunches or lunch at your desk: There are lots of options for meat-free sandwich fillings which you can make yourself for your lunchbox or buy ready-made in supermarkets or sandwich shops. • You will be familiar with old favourites like cheese and pickle, egg mayonnaise or "ploughman's" (cheese with salad), but why not go for something more adventurous such as brie and cranberry, or hummus with roasted peppers. Have you tried Subway's "Veggie Delight" or Pret’s avocado wrap? • Falafel - this Middle Eastern snack based on chickpeas is very tasty served with salad in a pitta bread pocket. You can usually find it in the "meat free" chilled cabinet in the supermarket. • On cold days a hearty soup is always good, and again there are lots of meat-free options, from familiar flavours like tomato soup, winter vegetable, leek and potato to more unusual options such as broccoli and Stilton, or carrot and coriander.

Why not let us know your favourite soup and sandwich ideas so we can share them with other people who have taken up the challenge?

Main meal: You can serve one of the meat-free products mentioned in the "whistlestop guide", with vegetables as usual, or adapt some of your favourite recipes, for example: • Spaghetti Bolognese with a rich sauce using Quorn or soya mince. You might want to add more onion and garlic, and some concentrated tomato purée as well as tinned chopped tomatoes, to add depth of flavour. Some fresh herbs - basil is good - and a dash of balsamic vinegar will also make it really tasty. READ MORE



...our flyer to be placed on the church notice board. We then receive requests for more information from vegetarian Christians and those interested in helping to look after God’s creation. Interested Christians are encouraged to try a vegetarian diet during Lent and are also sent a booklet introducing our 6 week study guide. Vegetarian Christians are offered CVAUK support and resources and encouraged to join in future CVAUK campaigns.

Lent was chosen as a focus for this campaign because this was the traditional time in the church year to abstain from eating meat. Obviously giving up meat and following a 6 week study guide can be undertaken any time of the year, especially by churches that do not recognise the period of Lent.

Finding the name of the priest in charge and the address of a church is a major task which can involve many hours. Obtaining this information locally is much easier than from a distance, so this is one area of our campaign where you could really help.

Church addresses can be obtained from local Diocese / Denomination Handbooks. These Handbooks can be borrowed from your church office, bought in your local church bookshop or viewed in your local library. You can also discover all the churches in your area from Yellow Pages / Thompson Directories ( do not give post code). Names and Church contact details can also be found in local newspapers.

If you have access to the Internet, this could be another source of information. If you know the address, the post code can be obtained through the Royal mail web site: http:/ Alternatively, the Yellow pages web site is very good and much more reliable. Type “Places of Worship” or “Religious Organisations” in the top box and the Town/ Village in the bottom box. In large Towns or Cities you get better results if you type in the district e.g. Putney, London.

When addressing envelopes, if possible, add the name and title of the recipient (Diocese and Denomination Handbooks give title, name and post code). It is however, not always possible to obtain the name of the priest, in which case address the letter to the “Priest in Charge”. Including the name of the priest and hand writing the address may avoid the letter going straight into the waste paper basket unopened.

SL 102 - Veg4Lent letter to the Clergy

SL 103 - Veg4Lent Letter to the Churches

SL 104 - Veg4Lent Flyer

SL 105 - Veg4Lent Flyer (Vege Blessings version)

SL 108 - Veg4Lent 2008 Booklet (C of E Bishops) PR 102 - Veg4Lent Poster


Our Veg4Lent campaign involves sending a letter to as many churches as possible. We do not ask for an answer from the recipient but we do request that the priest allows...


3 John 1.2:
‘Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well.’
Meals throughout the day: Breakfast: If you like a fried breakfast, use vegetarian sausages or substitute a hash brown for bacon. If you include free-range egg and baked beans...